A coach and psychologist, husband and wife team, sharing insights for human transformation

Now That I'm Here, What Should I Be Doing?: Discover Life's Purpose

From time immemorial human beings have been wondering about the purpose of life on this earthly plane.  In this book, the authors, a life coach and a psychotherapist, survey the scriptures of the world’s major religions—humanity’s common faith heritage—and identify illuminating and surprising answers about:

The ultimate purposes of life;

The social, intellectual and spiritual growth patterns designed into life by an all-loving Creator;

The nature of the tailored growth curriculum that exists for each person;

How each person can take action as a Wall-Seeker in their personalized curriculum to better fulfill the purposes of life.

The proactive role the Creator plays in each person’s change and growth process;

The five forces of the growth lab of life that can expedite each person’s journey;

The fifteen principles that enable each of us to better manage the dynamics of change and growth;

The mystical, scriptural parable that reveals these patterns and dynamics of change and spiritual growth;

And practical, real life examples that demonstrate how to successfully apply this learning.


Transformed: How To Make The Decisions That Change Your Life

Decisions, large and small, determine the course and quality of life—for an individual, a couple, a family, an organization, a community, a country, and the world.  Today, we are experiencing a decision-making crisis. Increasing complexities in life are outpacing our decision-making resources.

In this book, the authors, a life coach/consultant and a psychotherapist, introduce and explain a revolutionary, transformative decision-making process called “Compassionate Consultation” that:

• Engages the whole human being—spiritually, intellectually, socially and emotionally;

• Improves relationships at all levels;

• Calls forth latent qualities & capacities in its practitioners;

• Fosters true interpenetration of diverse thoughts;

• Dramatically deepens understanding;

• Yields creative, robust decisions that rise above partisan & ideological bickering;

•And results in justice and unity.